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SavannahS SLSA


Blue Skies

Flight4U  is your source for lightsport aircraft in the Northern United States for the West Coast Region. We are an authorized dealer of  I.C.P. North America presenting the highest quality made lightsport aircraft . The ICP Savannah is a high-wing, single-engine, SLSA; special light sport aircraft, with side-by-side seating for two produced in Italy by ICP srl

It has sold in large numbers, particularly in Europe and is growing in popularity in the North America.  The Savannah is in production, sold in both kit and ready-to-fly form.  The Savannah S is the premier light-sport STOL platform with its combination of short field, payload and cruise performance.

We strive to support and promote aviation in our community.  

Take 'Er for a flight

Call Now to schedule a test flight and feel the dynamics of this quality aircraft in person.  

Where R U Flying

Two locations to choose from for aircraft Demonstrations or test flights

-Napa, Ca.

-Lakeport, Ca. 

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